New York's Strategic Industries

New York State’s dedicated employees seek to support our economy by working closely with businesses in every industry and sector to enhance their growth and success.  At the same time, we have experts who focus on those particular industries that provide the greatest degree of growth, innovation, and potential for future revenue and high value employment opportunities, including New York's high-tech economy.
Our agencies provide a number of tax and incentive programs and specialized products and services to businesses.  Additionally, there are many opportunities for collaboration and support from ESD and related New York State entities, as well as with New York’s Centers of Excellence located throughout the State. 
Please contact any of the industry specialists to discuss your plans and learn how New York State can provide customized financial and/or technical assistance to help your company maximize its potential in New York State.

New York State’s major industry clusters included 236,700 establishments with total employment of 2,812,000 and total wages of $268.6 billion in 2008. Annual wages averaged $95,500.

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Jeff Janiszewski
VP of Strategic Business Development

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