Department of Agriculture & Markets - 
Farmland Viability Grant Program


The purpose of the program is to assist farm operators and agricultural cooperatives developing business plans or implementing part(s) of an existing business plan that will enhance the profitability and/or environmental compatibility of their farm operations, and to assist county agricultural and farmland protection boards (AFPBs) in implementing components of their approved county agricultural and farmland protection plans that will enhance the economic condition of agriculture in their communities.  Up to $15,000 in matching grants are available.


County Agricultural and Farmland Protection Boards (AFPBs)

Farm Operation: defined as individuals, partnerships, associations, cooperatives, corporations or LLCs that manage a “farm operation” as defined in section 301 of the Agriculture and Markets Law (see Application Form A for the definition of a “farm operation”);

Agricultural Cooperatives as defined in Section 111 of the Cooperative Corporations Law


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