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The NYSEFC Division of Technical Advisory Services (TAS) assists private- and public-sector clients with an array of programs to improve environmental practices and to support environmental project management. Through TAS, EFC offers businesses and government entities a number of pollution prevention, waste reduction, compliance assistance and project management services custom-tailored to the needs of the individual client. Clients frequently realize savings in their operations/processes and reduce their disposal costs. This may help enhance business operations, minimize potential environmental violations, avoid fines and penalties that come from these violations, and reduce legal liability for possible damage to the environment or human health. TAS may also help clients locate and obtain the financial resources needed to undertake their projects. Services are typically provided on a fee-for-service basis, although certain programs may be available at no cost to participants. 


Descriptions of current TAS Programs and links to more detailed eligibility and application information are listed below:
New York City Watershed Programs
During January 1997, the Governor and numerous State, local and federal officials, as well as representatives from environmental organizations, signed the historic NYC Watershed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). This MOA helped New York City avoid spending billions of dollars to filter its water supplies to comply with federal water quality regulations. The agreement preserves the high-quality water supply produced by the watershed and reservoir systems of New York City while also preserving and enhancing the economic vitality and social character of the communities within the watershed. The MOA includes a wide array of programs to be implemented in watershed areas both East and West of the Hudson River. These programs include selective acquisition of land and easements, implementation of new regulations affecting activities in the watershed, and more than two dozen watershed protection and partnership programs. TAS has responsibility to implement several watershed protection and partnership programs established under the MOA.

Small Business Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP)
SBEAP provides free, confidential technical assistance to small businesses in New York State to help them comply with federal or State air emission requirements. The SBEAP section of the EFC website lists business sectors, with brief technical fact sheets, articles and other helpful materials, summarizing requirements and technical tips that apply to specific industries and processes (listed below):

Architectural Coatings Autobody Shops Boilers/Furnaces/Generators
Crematories and Incinerators Dry-cleaning - Other Methods Dry-cleaning - Perc
Dry-cleaning - Petroleum Electroplating - Chromium Gasoline Stations - Stage I
Gasoline Stations - Stage II Graphic Arts - Flexographic Graphic Arts - Lithographic
Metal Degreasing Plastic Composites Manufacturing Sand & Gravel Operations
Surface Coating - Metal Surface Coating - Wood  

Clean Vessel Assistance Program (CVAP)
New York State's Clean Vessel Assistance Program was established to protect and improve water quality in New York's navigable waterways.  The CVAP provides federally funded grants of up to 75% of eligible project costs with a current maximum of $35,000 per project.  The grants are to assist marinas, municipalities and not-for-profit organizations install pumpout and dump station facilities to receive sewage from recreational marine vessels.  Under contract with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation (NYSEFC or EFC) provides technical and administrative services for this grant program.

Industrial Finance Program (IFP)
NYS industry spends millions of dollars each year on environmental infrastructure projects, in order to comply with federal and state environmental laws, regulations or permits, or to provide pollution control or new and/or expanded environmental facilities. Since 1970, the EFC’s Industrial Finance Program (IFP) has helped clients to manage their wastes, control pollution, build and improve drinking water, waste water and solid waste facilities, and comply with environmental regulations.  Through IFP, EFC has loaned over $740 million to New York businesses, enabling them to borrow at a lower cost than conventional financing options.


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