Long Island Power Authority -
commercial efficiency Program: new construction projects


Building owners and design teams can pursue options that fully integrate building envelope and operating systems to produce a building as energy efficient as current technology allows. Incentives will cover a portion of the additional design and equipment to create an exemplary building or as may be adjusted based on current program parameters. LIPA provides up to $10,000 in Technical Assistance services, and for complex projects will contribute up to $50,000. Annual financial incentives are available up to $400,000 per building or $500,000 for certified Green Building. A maximum of $800,000 in incentives is available in any one calendar year. The customer agrees that LIPA obtains and/or retains ownership of all rights to existing and future emissions credits, renewable energy credits, green tags, tradable renewable certificates, and/or any and all other environmental benefits associated with the installation of eligible equipment.


New construction projects, including commercial, industrial, institutional or governmental facilities; projects more than 50,000 square feet, more than 150 tons of cooling and 75 kW of lighting load.


Joanne Schindelheim
Director of Marketing and Economic Development
Long Island Power Authority
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Uniondale, New York 11553
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