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On-the-Job Training (OJT)


The OJT program helps unemployed individuals re-enter the workforce by providing an incentive to businesses to hire and train them in a full-time skilled or semi-skilled occupation.  The OJT program matches businesses with qualified individuals who are eager to work, but need the specialized training only a business can supply.  In OJT programs, the business agrees to hire a worker and provide competency based training to the worker in exchange for a reimbursement from the government of up to 90 percent of the trainee’s starting wage for a specified period needed by the trainee to master the required occupational skill sets.

The three major types of OJT are:

  • State-level OJT through 11/01/2010, unless extended
  • National Emergency Grant OJT
  • Green Jobs Green NY OJT


Business Eligibility

  • Private businesses both profit and nonprofit, with a site in New York State that has operated for at least three months may participate.
  • Small businesses are included.
  • Businesses must commit to hiring State residents for New York State based jobs.
  • The intention in hiring is for the newly hired employee to remain employed with the business upon completion of the OJT.


Occupational Eligibility

  • The business must be offering a job opportunity for full-time employment (defined as 35 hours or more per week) in New York State paying a minimum of $10.00/hour.
  • The length of the subsidized training program can not exceed 6 months.
  • Intermittent, part-time (less than 35 hours per week) and seasonal occupations are prohibited.
  • Occupations that are based upon commission, tips or bonuses as the primary source of income are prohibited.


Trainee Eligibility

  • Eligible trainees are dislocated workers (per the U.S. Department of Labor Workforce Investment Act definition) and the long term unemployed persons from the NYS Department of Labor talent pool.
  • Unemployed veterans, returning military service members and their qualifying spouses will be given preference.
  • Participants may not start training without prior approval.


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