NYS Department of Labor -
Rural Employment Program


The Rural Employment Service provides a wide variety of assistance to businesses, specifically:   1) screening of workers to make sure they meet job specifications for businesses requiring experience and ability; 2) providing information to businesses on labor market conditions, employment trends, agricultural laws, youth permits and government programs. 

Specific services include:

  • Migrant Outreach Program – DOL staff offer migrant and seasonal farm workers referrals to agricultural and non-agricultural jobs; provide information on training opportunities, counseling and supportive services; explain complaint resolution; and how to contact other organizations serving migrant and seasonal farm workers.
  • Agricultural Immigration –Assists agricultural and rural employers in locating needed workers. It also helps farm workers and other rural residents find productive employment in agriculture or non-farm jobs.
  • Field Checks – Field checks are conducted to ensure working and housing conditions, wages and hours are as specified in the employer’s original job order.  Field staff interview workers to ensure that conditions are met and no violations exist.


Any New York State rural employer or farm worker is eligible for this program. 


NYS Department of Labor

Specially trained Rural Labor Service Representatives are located in DOL offices across the State where labor-intensive agriculture is found:

Albion Area
Eduardo Rodriguez
(585) 589-5335

Auburn Area
Ricardo Aguilar
(315) 253-6955
Batavia Area
Will Shumaker
(585) 344-2042
Hudson Area
Bernadette Kowalski 
(518) 828-4654
Kingston Area
Bill Becker  
(845) 338-4696 x3012
Karen Terns
(845) 338-4696

Newark Area
Dan Roth
(315) 946-7259
Patchogue Area
Elvira Sochacki  
(631) 687-4852 
Jose Vega 
(631) 687-4851

Pine Island Area
Glen Holt
(845) 651-7100
Patrick Leap
(845) 651-7100
Plattsburgh Area
Janice Brooks
(518) 561-0430
Syracuse Area
Art Gladstone 
(315) 477-6975


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