College Applied Research and Technology Center (CART)


The State Budget provides support for the College Applied Research and Technology Center (CART) program to encourage greater collaboration between private industry and colleges toward development and application of new technologies.  This program is similar to the CAT program, but for smaller institutions.
To encourage greater collaboration between New York State industry and New York’s colleges, NYSTAR awarded two College Applied Research and Technology (CART) designations with up to $500,000 of first year funding to increase the capacity of the eligible applicants to achieve significant economic impact in New York State.

The CART Program is designed to: spur technology-based research and economic development in New York; promote research collaboration and innovation with New York businesses; promote workforce development; better leverage State funding with investments from the Federal government, industry, foundations, and not-for-profit organizations with an economic development mission; and increase competitiveness of New York companies


A college or college-affiliated research institute or a consortium of such institutions, that is not a CAT, which conducts a continuing program of basic and applied research, development, and technology transfer in one or more technological areas, in collaboration with and through the support of private business and industry.
Designation is initially for five academic years and can extend beyond that period.


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