Centers for Advanced Technology (CATs)


The CAT Program is designed to spur technology-based applied research and economic growth in New York; encourage applied research collaboration and innovation with industry; promote workforce development; better leverage State funds with investments from the Federal government, industry, foundations, and not-for-profit economic development organizations; and increase the competitiveness of New York State companies.

A CAT uses NYSTAR funds to enhance its resources in a specific Technology Focus to help New York Companies remain competitive and solve production, applied research and development, and technical problems.

Specifically, the CAT is expected to develop industry-responsive programs with three general objectives:

  1. Collaborative applied research and technology transfer with industry: the CAT is expected to conduct applied research and technology transfer with industry leading to quantifiable economic impact in New York State within one to three years of individual project commencement. The CAT is also expected to help foster an environment that encourages companies to locate in New York.

  2. Industry-oriented education and training: The CAT is expected to help incumbent workers expand their skill sets. The CAT is also expected to aid in the development of undergraduate and graduate courses help ensure students are trained to meet the needs of industry.

  3. Outreach and networking through referral networks: The CAT is encouraged to partner with other appropriate organizations to develop outreach networks and ensure that companies receive access to required non-research assistance such as general business consulting.


Universities and university-affiliated research institutes are eligible to apply for this competitively and periodically awarded program.


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NYS Foundation for Science, Technology & Innovation
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