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GIS Initiatives

GIS Coordination

OCS hosts the State GIS Coordination Program.  The program’s aim is to improving the sharing, efficiency and value of geospatial data and technologies in New York State.  At the core of the program is the GIS Coordinating Body with representation from local government, not-for–profits, academia, State agencies and the private sector.   


Orthoimagery Program

Orthoimagery is aerial photography which has been carefully referenced to the surface of the earth.  All features that can be seen from the air can be mapped using orthoimagery as a reference.   OCS administers the State’s orthoimagery program re-flying about one quarter of the state each year.  Local governments and other agencies are welcome to partner in the program to upgrade imagery to higher specifications.  The public is welcome to view and download orthoimagery as well.   


Streets & Address

OCS GIS manages the State’s streets and address database.  Changes and corrections are gathered from local government partners and used to improve one statewide data set.  A version of the full set of streets in New York is available for download. 


Broadband Mapping

Using a grant from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration broadband mapping program, OCS is collecting information from broadband providers across the State and mapping the availability and characteristics of broadband service.   An interactive map and a broadband speed test are provided as a service to the public.   


NYS GIS Help Desk

The New York State GIS Help Desk is a free online service available to members of the NYS GIS Data Sharing Cooperative doing business in New York.  Administered by the NYS Office of Cyber Security and sponsored by the New York State GIS Coordination Program, this web-based help desk provides answers to both technical and non-technical GIS questions. Visitors can search the online Knowledge Base or the Help Desk's Frequently Asked Questions to view previously submitted questions and answers.  


GIS Conferences

  • New York State Annual GIS Conference - This conference consistently draws more than 350 attendees from various sectors of government, business and academia.
  • New York State Geospatial Summit
  • Learn more about training and outreach for GIS here.

Find more information on the GIS Clearinghouse here.

To become a member of the NYS GIS Data Sharing Cooperative, visit us here.


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