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The NYS Office of Cyber Security (OCS) provides a variety of training and outreach programs regarding cyber security and GIS technologies. This includes major Statewide annual conferences, Statewide workshops, and online training resources.

Examples of cyber security training offered through OCS include the following:


Cyber Security for State & Local Government Business Managers

The Cyber Security for Business Managers is a 101 class for supervisors, program and business managers and officials whose work does not directly involve the technical aspect of securing information. Protecting information is part of their responsibilities and this video will introduce them to an effective approach and basic technology terms to ease their communication with their organization’s Information Security Officer and Information Technology peers.


Cyber Security Awareness Informational Videos

The three Cyber Security Awareness Informational Videos are one minute videos providing quick tips for Protecting Your Computer, Protecting Your Information, and Protecting Your Family. Additionally, there are three 30 second informational videos on Kids’ Safety, Avoiding Fraud and Viruses and Spyware.


Information Classification Training

Information classification is the cornerstone of any information security program.  In order to appropriately protect information, we must know what data we have and understand its value.

OCS's information classification training video introduces supervisors, administrators, directors, coordinators, managers and other information owners to the concepts of information classification. This video outlines their roles and responsibilities in protecting organizational information assets. It also walks them through the tools developed by OCS to identify, classify and apply appropriate security controls to the information assets within their organizations. This video is based on the New York State Information Classification and Control Policy and Standard (PS08-001).


Cyber Security Awareness Video

The Cyber Security Awareness video consists of short vignettes that take place in an office environment. Each scenario is followed by a best practice component.


Additional Cyber Security Training

Examples of cyber security outreach offered through OCS include the following:


Annual NYS Cyber Security Conference

The Annual New York State Cyber Security Conference is held once a year over a two-day period in Albany. More than 1,000 registrants attend the event comprising State and local government, academia, and the public and private sector.

The Annual NYS Cyber Security Conference co-hosted by the OCS and the University at Albany, State University of New York (SUNY) offers more than 50 sessions, both technical and non-technical, conducted by experts representing government, academia and industry from across the country and around the world. The event is funded entirely through registration fees and the support of the sponsors and exhibitors; no State funds are used. This conference provides crucial training that enables the workforce to stay attuned to cyber security threats and effectively meet the challenges we are facing.


Cyber Security Non-Technical Guides

Several non-technical guides are available to help Executives, business and operations managers understand important Cyber Security issues.

These include the following:

  • Getting Started
  • Firewall
  • Internet and Acceptable Use Template
  • Erasing Information and Disposal of Electronic Media
  • Guidelines for Backing Up Information
  • Cyber Incident Response
  • Risk Management


Standards, Policies & Guidelines

OCS has developed policies, standards and guidelines that may be used as best practice documents when drafting these important documents within your organization. These include: Information Security, Information Classification and Control, Secure Use of Social Media and companion documents.


Cyber Security Advisories

Keeping up with the many software vulnerabilities requires vigilance. The OCS provides advisories intended for State government entities. The information may or may not be applicable to the general public and accordingly, the State does not warrant its use for any specific purposes.


Monthly Cyber Tips Newsletter

These non-technical tips present a different topic each month to help the reader better understand threats to their information and actions they can take to protect that information.


National Webcast Initiative

OCS promotes the National Webcast Initiative, a collaborative effort between government and the private sector to help strengthen our Nation's cyber readiness and resilience.  Embracing the concept that security is everyone's responsibility, these webcasts are available to a broad audience to help raise awareness and knowledge levels.  These webcasts are sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (U.S. DHS) and the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC).


Cyber Security Daily Tips

OCS provides a daily tip on their website geared toward end users and citizens to help educate and offer assistance on maintaining the security of their computers.  These tips are available via RSS/web feed hosted through the MS-ISAC and can be easily added to any organization’s website. Learn more about how to include the RSS/web feed here.


Kids Safe Online


Kids Safe Online Poster Contest

OCS conducts a K-12th grade Computer Safety Poster Contest each year during October “National Cyber Security Awareness Month.”  The goal of the contest is to engage young people in thinking about cyber security through the creation of posters that will encourage their peers to use the Internet safely and securely. Winners from NYS will be entered into the Annual MS-ISAC National Poster Contest.


Kids Safe Online Webcast Archived Recordings

The archived recorded webcasts are one-hour plays designed for 4th and 5th grade students but for use by anyone.

  • 2007 - Cyber Citizens: Defenders of Cyberspace
  • 2006 - Cyber Citizens of the World Wide Web
  • 2005 - Being Cyber Smart in Cyber Space


October Cyber Security Awareness Month

Awareness Month highlights the importance of empowering citizens, businesses, government, and schools to improve their cyber security preparedness. This year's theme is focused on “our shared responsibility” to address cybersecurity. In this digital age, we are all connected; the actions of one can impact many. Thus, it is essential that each of us understands our important role in securing cyberspace.

As part of the October Cyber Security Awareness Month campaign, OCS highlights include the following:

  • Kids Safe  Online Poster Contest
  • Cyber Security Awareness Month Webcast
  • Cyber Security Toolkit
  • Governor’s Proclamation
  • Training Opportunities

Learn more about 2010's October Cyber Security Awareness Month here.

Office of Cyber Security (OCS) GIS Initiatives


GIS Coordination

OCS hosts the State GIS Coordination Program.  The program’s aim is to improving the sharing, efficiency and value of geospatial data and technologies in New York State.  At the core of the program is the GIS Coordinating Body with representation from local government, not-for–profits, academia, State agencies and the private sector.   


Orthoimagery Program

Orthoimagery is aerial photography which has been carefully referenced to the surface of the earth.  All features that can be seen from the air can be mapped using orthoimagery as a reference.   OCS administers the State’s orthoimagery program re-flying about one quarter of the state each year.  Local governments and other agencies are welcome to partner in the program to upgrade imagery to higher specifications.  The public is welcome to view and download orthoimagery as well.   


Streets & Address

OCS GIS manages the State’s streets and address database.  Changes and corrections are gathered from local government partners and used to improve one statewide data set.  A version of the full set of streets in New York is available for download. 


Broadband Mapping

Using a grant from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration broadband mapping program, OCS is collecting information from broadband providers across the State and mapping the availability and characteristics of broadband service.   An interactive map and a broadband speed test are provided as a service to the public.   


NYS GIS Help Desk

The New York State GIS Help Desk is a free online service available to members of the NYS GIS Data Sharing Cooperative doing business in New York.  Administered by the NYS Office of Cyber Security and sponsored by the New York State GIS Coordination Program, this web-based help desk provides answers to both technical and non-technical GIS questions. Visitors can search the online Knowledge Base or the Help Desk's Frequently Asked Questions to view previously submitted questions and answers.  


GIS Conferences

  • New York State Annual GIS Conference - This conference consistently draws more than 350 attendees from various sectors of government, business and academia.
  • New York State Geospatial Summit
  • Learn more about training and outreach for GIS here.

Find more information on the GIS Clearinghouse here.

To become a member of the NYS GIS Data Sharing Cooperative, visit us here.


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