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The Business Permit Assistance Unit helps to stimulate economic development by offering business owners comprehensive compliance information, forms, and contact information regarding permits and licensing at all levels of government. The Business Permit Assistance Unit offers such services as:

  • A Customer Services Call Center;
  • an automated 24-hour telephone system with pre-recorded information and voice-mail answering system;
  • A Permit Assistance Kit that provides a checklist of requirements and materials, application forms, instruction booklets and contact information related to the business’s activities;
  • A Master Application Procedures questionnaire to identify and coordinate permits for complex business projects involving multiple state agencies


The NYS License Center website offers easy on-line access to information on what a business needs to know about applying for and managing licenses in order to set up or expand operations in New York State.


Business Permit Assistance
P. O. Box 2017
Albany, New York 12220
Tel (518) 486-3292

Fax (518) 473-9342

Business Permit Assistance Hotline: 1-800-342-3464

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