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The New York State Office of General Services’ Procurement Services Group (PSG) is responsible for the state’s system of centralized contracts that provide a broad range goods and services to meet the needs of contract users.  As state government is a major purchaser of materials, equipment, supplies, technology and other services, OGS contracts provide significant opportunities for businesses and support economic development throughout the state.  Businesses may learn more about centralized contract opportunities by using the following resources: 

Online Bidder Notification Service and Bid Calendar - Businesses interested in learning about PSG centralized state contract bid opportunities should register with the OGS Online Bidder Notification Service.  Registration is simple and free.  The system allows businesses to create a profile with classification codes to match business types.   When bid opportunities occur related to the business classification, automatic email notifications are sent out.  Businesses should also monitor the online Bid Calendar to view all upcoming bid opportunities.

Doing Business with New York State - This guide is a tool designed to communicate valuable information about New York State's procurement practices.  Users will be guided through a series of topics to understand the state's contracting system, idenfity bid opportunities, learn tips for successful bidding, and discover resources for technical assistance.


Any business capable of meeting the bid requirements is eligible to bid on OGS centralized contracts.


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