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The Brownfield Opportunity Areas (BOA) Program provides expertise and funding to municipalities and community organizations to prepare revitalization plans and implementation strategies for communities affected by brownfields, abandoned properties and economic distress.  Brownfields are dormant properties where contamination has impeded redevelopment, making them an economic and environmental drain on localities.  Key program outcomes include a community revitalization plan including redevelopment plans for strategic sites, public and private investment priorities for necessary improvements and shovel ready sites.  By identifying and establishing strategic sites and investment priorities, areas can be revitalized more quickly.

The BOA Program provides an area-wide approach, rather than the traditional site-by-site approach, to brownfield assessment and redevelopment. The area-wide approach enables communities to comprehensively assess existing economic and environmental conditions associated with brownfield blight and impacted areas, identify and prioritize community supported redevelopment opportunities and to attract public and private investment. The BOA approach is being used by communities to attract new uses and businesses including housing and retail, commercial, manufacturing, business incubators and public amenities such as parks or trails.

Program grants support a variety of community revitalization activities, including public participation processes; existing conditions analysis; economic and market studies; investigations to assess site contamination and environmental conditions; site-specific redevelopment plans; environmental impact assessments and statements; marketing to attract developer interest; local law changes; architectural and streetscape design guidelines; and other actions to spur investment in, clean-up of and redevelopment of brownfield sites.


New York State municipalities which are defined as: cities; villages; towns; counties; local public authorities or public benefit corporations; school districts; special improvement districts; and Indian nations or tribes.

Community based organizations which are defined as: not-for-profit corporations that are incorporated under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code whose stated mission is to promote community revitalization (reuse of brownfield sites) within the geographic area in which the community based organization is located; has 25 percent or more of its Board of Directors residing in the community in such area; and represents a community with a demonstrated financial need as indicated by high unemployment, low resident incomes, depressed property values, and high commercial vacancy rates.

Two or more eligible applicants may, and are encouraged to, submit a joint application.


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